Child Marriage in Honduras

Child marriage in Honduras

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Although the LAC does not have the highest rates of CM, it is the only region in the world where it is not decreasing. If this trend continues and no tangible efforts and investments are made, LAC will have the second highest CM rates by 2030 (UN Women, UNICEF & UNFPA, 2018(link is external)(link is external)).

  • Some girls in rural areas of Honduras exercise agency in their decision to marry. That is,  girls are not always forced to marry by their parents, community members, or their partners. Instead, in some cases, girls choose to run away with their partners in the absence of any coercion. However, in most cases, this decision to marry at a young age is usually influenced by poverty, the lack of alternative life options available for girls, and social norms that promote gender inequality (Murphy-Graham and Leal, 2015(link is external)(link is external)).

 If you want to hear more about Dr. Erin Murphy-Graham's work listen to this podcast(link is external)