The teams 

Bayan, Summit, UC Berkeley, SAT teachers, and students together

Staff members of Bayan, The Summit Foundation, UC Berkeley and SAT students and tutors get together for a picture after a field visit.

To establish HEY!, a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley(link is external), Dr. Erin Murphy-Graham and Dr. Diana Pacheco-Montoya, partnered with Bayan(link is external) and the Summit Foundation(link is external) in 2016. The collaboration between the UC Berkeley and Bayan teams is a consultative co-design partnership. In this type of partnership, researchers work directly with schools and district authorities. Bayan implements the program, the UC Berkeley team leads the ongoing design, research, and evaluation in collaboration with Bayan, and the Summit Foundation provides the funds and guidance for Bayan and the UC Berkeley teams to work. 

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