Design Challenge

Problem, Opportunity, and Goals

The problem: Educational expansion and legislative efforts have had little impact on reducing CM in Honduras. 

The opportunity: Create a school-based intervention that addresses the root causes of CM in rural areas of Honduras by providing students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about CM. 


1. Develop a deep understanding of the causes of CM in rural areas of Honduras. 

2. Establish strong relationships with participants and collaborators to develop an in-depth understanding of their needs and realities in order to effectively co-design a strong and relevant intervention. 

3. Design and develop an intervention that combines local knowledge, needs, and values with research and empirical evidence. 

4. Implement an intervention that discusses relevant contexts and promotes effective learning that can inform adolescents’ decision-making processes, attitudes, and behaviors towards CM.

5. Develop design principles that can guide other interventions in similar contexts.